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This video will talk about the best golf balls for average players. The average golfer shoots between 95-105 and these are the golf balls they should use. Subscribe to the channel for gear giveaways:


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Top 7 Best Golf Balls For Average Golfers

Project a (Amazon):
DT Trusoft (Amazon):
Bridgestone e12 (Amazon):
Wilson Fifty (Amazon):
TM Noodle (Amazon):
Callaway Supersoft (Amazon):
Srixon Soft (Amazon):

TM Noodle full review:

Project (a) vs Srixon Soft Feel:

Supersoft vs Chrome Soft:


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#7: Taylormade Project (a): This is my second favorite golf ball from Taylormade for average golfers. It’s made to spin less off the tee and spin more close to the green. They’re made for an 8-18 handicap and they’re pretty durable balls.

#6: Titleist DT Trusoft: This is my favorite Titleist golf ball for an average player and found it to be better on the green compared to the Taylormade. They didn’t spin as much close to the green but they had a nice feel to them and weren’t crazy expensive.

#5: Bridgestone e12: This is my favorite Bridgestone golf ball for average golfers who prefer spin and control over pure distance. They weren’t the longest ball out there but they made it pretty easy to stay in the fairway.

#4: Wilson Fifty Elite: Wilson makes one of my favorite balls for average players because they aren’t going to break the bank and they offer most of the features you’d need. They aren’t super long but you’ll definitely lose less of them.

#3: Taylormade Noodle: Believe it or not but the Noodle is actually still one of my favorite golf balls. Most weekend golfers can’t compress the ball enough and for some reason continue to play ProV1’s. These are designed for people who don’t compress the ball enough to help with distance.

#2: Callaway Supersoft: These are my favorite Callaway golf balls and they were actually the longest on the list for me. The only reason I had them ranked #2 is that they weren’t as consistent as my #1 was off the tee. Other than that, they were close to being perfect.

#1: Srixon Soft Feel: This is my favorite golf ball by far and is ranked in the top 2 of every single category. I like them because they’re super straight off the tee and offer pretty decent control around the green. My fairways hit have improved a lot since switching to these balls.

Welcome to Out Of Bounds Golf. My name is Jon and I’m just an average golfer making videos on the internet. What you’ll see here are videos on different golf products and we’ll be trying to figure out what works the best for the average hacker.

We’ll be doing product reviews, comparisons between two similar products, the best gear for different types of players, and maybe we’ll just play a round of golf.

I’ve been playing golf on and off for a number of years now but have become a lot more consistent over the past couple of seasons. Not long ago I was shooting somewhere around 100 and playing “out of bounds” golf way too often.

I’ve consistently broken 90 now and am working on breaking the 80 mark. My best round to date was 84 on a par 72 and my best 9 holes were 4 over.

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