Golf Clubs

10 BIGGEST Mistakes When Buying Golf Clubs

The 10 biggest mistakes I see golfers make when buying golf clubs! In what can be a confusing (and expensive) task, I hope this guide to the pitfalls of buying golf clubs helps you make an informed decision.

00:00 Guide To Buying New Golf Clubs!
00:15 Should I Buy New Golf Clubs?
01:24 Which Golf Clubs Work For Me?
02:02 How Long Do Golf Clubs Last?
03:32 Should I Get Fit For Custom Golf Clubs?
04:30 Which Golf Clubs Are Most Forgiving?
05:26 Should I Use Blade Irons?
06:20 Should I Get New Clubs Or Lessons?
07:14 Do I Need New Golf Clubs?
08:26 Where To Buy Golf Clubs?
09:01 Should I Buy Illegal Golf Clubs?

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