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BEGINNER SERIES 004: Small Swings | Golf with Aimee

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Today Aimee is going to show you how to hit a golf ball.
We are going to start with making small swings before we go into half swings and full swings.
This small swing is the most important part of the swing for any swings.
There are 4 things you need to pay attention when you make small swings
1. Body & the club moves in one-piece.
2. Club head has to travel between the toes line & the target line
3. Left palm presses down throughout the swing
4. 2 movements!

Aimee will explain those 4 points thoroughly, follow and you will be able to use the body the correct way.
This will help you learn the golf swing the correct way!
Hope you enjoy!
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Filmed at Upland Hills CC

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