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Maxfli Straightfli golf ball review

On this Golf Equipment review I get my first opportunity to review a golf ball from this new generation of Straight Flight Golf Balls.

Now not all of the Straight Flight golf balls are tournament legal. So when the opportunity to review a Straight Flight golf ball that passed USGA regulations for tournament play came about. I didn’t hesitate to put it to the test.

Now when I review golf equipment I don’t just spend a couple hours in a Simulator, one bucket of balls at the Range , and if you are lucky one Round of golf to determine how worthy a product is. I use the equipment exactly as I would normally for at least a month. In this case I have been using the Maxfli Straightfli golf balls for 5 weeks. There is nothing I could learn about them at this point that I don’t already know. So it was time to put my review together.

In this video you will learn what I believe they excel at, and where they could leave you wanting more. I also provide you with my opinion of who could benefit from a ball like this. I have tested so many golf balls over the years that if you provide me with the characteristics of you rgame I could probably suggest the best ball for you. Leave a comment if you are interested in finding out.

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