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Best Cheap Golf Club Set Under $450?! | Quality Golf Brands Only

Looking for a good quality set of clubs, but don’t want to pay the price? Check out how we bought a quality set of golf clubs, all reputable, well known brands, for under $450! Driver through putter!

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Not everyone has the money to go out and buy a golf set for $1,500-2,000! And many beginners aren’t willing to pay that price when starting out. But what if we told you, that you can get an awesome, quality golf set for under $450?! We took on the challenge, and bought an awesome set, including Driver, three wood, 3-Iron through Pitching Wedge, awesome Vokey wedges, and a sweet putter!

For many, especially starting out in golf, $450 is still a good chunk of change to spend on clubs, however, you can always build your golf set over time. You may need to play with your most basic used starter set, but over time, you can turn it into a pretty sweet bag, and do it for a fraction of the cost of a brand new set.

Make sure to check out our video where we talk about what golf clubs and brands you should buy here:

In the video link above, the information provided will help you in your search for finding great quality brands and clubs, and what clubs to purchase and put in your bag.

As for the clubs and brands that Tyson was able to piece together, check out the list below (prices mentioned in video):

Putter: Bettinardi Studio Stock #3
Wedges: Titleist Vokey Wedges (50*, 54*, 58*)
Irons: Titleist 704 CB irons (3-iron through Pitching Wedge)
3 Wood: Adams Golf Speedline Super S
Driver: Adams Golf Speedline Super S


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