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Best Golf Ball For a Mid to High Handicapper?

Hey everyone! Decided to do my own review of certain golf balls using the TrackMan simulator. I’ll be using my 56° and a 7-iron for comparison purposes. All the reviews online I’ve found are very good/low handicap/pro players….so how would an average golfer do with all sorts of balls?

Always wondered myself how the ProV1 vs ProV1x, Taylormade Tp5 vs Tp5x and callaway Chromesoft vs Chromesoft X perform. In addition, want to test out less expensive golf balls such as Pinnacle, Top Flite and Vice.

Again, this video isn’t for low handicap, scratch or better golfers, but rather what a weekend hack like myself with a slower swing speed should use. And especially, how we can try to save a dollar here and there on golf balls 🙂

Tune in and find out! And please LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this!

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