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In this episode of my daily golf tips I alert you to an amazing opportunity. With the recent release of the Taylormade Tour Response, and Soft Response golf balls. The two previous models they are replacing have gone on clearance. The Taylormade Project A, and Taylormade Project S have been significantly discounted to clear back stock.

The best balls for beginners right now are the Taylormade Project A, and Project S. I have thoroughly tested both of these balls, and found them to be of excellent quality. In fact the slightly more expensive Project A ball is as good as anything else on the market. For a third of the price of the most premium balls, the Project A is the best golf ball deal available today. If you would like to save a few dollars more. The project S is a great ball for the average golfer as well.

Do yourself a favour and stock up on these high quality balls from Taylormade while supplies last.

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