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best golf balls for beginners high handicaps ,golf ball

Best Golf Balls For Beginners & High Handicaps, Golf Ball.

Below, I’m going to list my favorite golf balls for average golfers. They’re all great options and I could see myself still using any of them. Each of them is slightly different, so pick the one that feels right for your game.

#7: TaylorMade Project (a).

This is going to be my second favorite golf ball from Taylormade for the average golfer who is around an 8-18 handicap.

These balls are designed to produce less spin with the driver (for that dreaded slice) and give more spin with your wedges.

I haven’t really used these too much but know people who do and they’ve noticed an increase in fairways hit, more control with their wedges, and a similar distance to the other higher-end balls.

They seem to be well made and last a while.
They fly a lot straighter than some of the other balls.
They’re not the cheapest ball out there but quite a bit cheaper than the Prov’s.

They aren’t the highest launching balls I’ve tried.
They don’t have the nicest sounding pop off the club.
They’re still almost 3 bucks per ball.
#6: Titleist DT TruSoft.

This is my favorite Titleist golf ball for the average golfer and it is fairly similar to the Project (a) in that it’s low spinning off the tee but it wasn’t quite as good around the green (in my experience).

I didn’t find them to be the longest or straightest off the tee but I did like them more than the Taylormade on the green.

They are under 2 bucks per ball and that’s another reason I’d give them a thumbs up.

They are reasonably priced.
It seemed to be a durable ball and lasted a while.
They had a nice and soft feel to them.
I had great distance control with them on the green.
They aren’t going to be a good fit if you’re looking for it to check when your chipping.
I didn’t feel like I had a whole lot of control from just off the green on in the bunker.
#5: Bridgestone Golf E12.
This is my favorite Bridgestone golf ball for the average golfer out there who prefers control and spin over pure distance.

It’s designed for swing speeds below 105 miles per hour (which will be most average golfers).

These will be great balls if you want to bomb it long and straight down the fairway but the downside is that they don’t give a whole lot of feedback and they’re bad for shot shaping.

They have a nice and high launch.
They’re much more durable than other softer balls.
They offer more spin around the green than the Titleist.
They aren’t as long as some of the other balls.
They didn’t have the most responsive feel on the green.
They’re middle of the range in terms of price.
#4: Wilson Staff Fifty Elite.

This is one of my top picks for the average golfer because they’re great for people who don’t have the fastest swing speeds and they don’t spin a whole lot off the tee.

Most people laugh at the thought of a Wilson ball but it’s one of the better balls I’ve played for keeping my shots in play.

Another big plus is that these balls are around a buck each which is perfect for the average golfer who loses a lot of them.

They were one of the better balls around the green.
The price can’t be beaten.
I liked the ball trajectory I got with these balls (high).
They always seemed to stay on the course.
They don’t last as long as other balls but they’re only a buck a ball.
They’re not the longest ball but I’d take the fairway all day long.
They didn’t have the best feel.
#3: TaylorMade Noodle.

Believe it or not but these are actually one of my favorite golf balls because of their price and overall performance.

I’ve seen countless people pick up these balls, see that they’re a Noodle, and throw them back.

Most average golfers can’t compress the ball very much and these are designed for that.

Every time I’ve found a Noodle on the course it seemed to last me the entire rest of the round.

They are less than a buck per ball.
You don’t have to compress the ball much to get some good distance.
It always seems to stay in play.
They don’t feel as good around the greens.
They didn’t offer a whole lot of control over the ball (but most average golfers don’t need that anyway).
#2: Callaway Supersoft.
These are my second favorite balls overall and like them because they’re the longest on the list.

They’re able to hold really well on the green and they feel great when they’re hit.

They’re pretty reasonably priced as well and offer some more workability than others on the list.

The main reason I have them #2 is that they aren’t quite as consistent as my 1st pick off the tee.

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