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Best Irons for a High Handicap Golfer

Not sure if you’re playing with the right iron based on your handicap? Watch as we gathered a group of golfers to test the most popular irons on the market so you can see firsthand how they stack up.

Not seeing any improvements in your score despite your best efforts and the guidance of an instructor? Well, the fault may very well lie with your equipment. This is why, you must invest in some good golfing irons designed specifically for high handicap players.

High handicap irons improve your performance by being more forgiving and helping you hit longer shots. This way, they can bring your score down drastically. They are also an excellent option for beginner players since they reduce the impact of minor mistakes on your shots.

Today, we’ll take you through the best-selling high handicap golfing irons in 2022 and teach you exactly how to go about buying them. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in!

Reviewing the Internet’s Favorite Golf Irons In Detail

1. Big Bertha B21 Hybrids

For the first spot on our list, we have this hybrid golf iron which is designed to provide maximum forgiveness with each hit. This is made possible thanks to its larger head size. Other than that, it also features a Flash Face design made using advanced A.I. This allows the ball to cover longer distances and achieve higher speeds.

Big Bertha B21 Hybrids

Additionally, the sole and the crown of this pick are connected using two jailbreak bars. This design choice ensures the face takes on more impact to allow for an easy launch. To further redistribute the weight and provide a better swing, this golf iron utilizes a pretty light carbon crown. The shaft of this pick is also very durable as it is made of graphite.


  • Great weight redistribution
  • Features a Flash Face design for good ball speeds
  • Features a durable graphite shaft


  • Only one shaft option is available

2. Women’s Big Bertha REVA Irons

The runner-up on our list is this golf iron designed especially for female players. Its shaft, swing weight, and loft are all optimized to allow for longer hits and improve your performance. This pick also features added offset to reduce spin on the ball so you can get straighter shots with improved accuracy.

Big Bertha REVA Irons:Hybrids Set

A great thing about this golfing iron is it features urethane microspheres technology which is perfect for absorbing unwanted vibrations without affecting the ball speed. This way, you get a much smoother hit and a more comfortable feel. You also get to pick between stock graphite, custom graphite, and custom steel shafts for your golf iron as per your preference. You can customize the grip and length of this pick as well to suit your play/style.


  • Comes in varying shaft lengths and materials
  • Well-optimized for hitting the ball farthest


  • Has a hefty price tag

3. Women’s Big Bertha REVA Hybrids

Next, we have this hybrid golf iron designed to maximize forgiveness in your shot through the use of Flash Face design made using A.I. This way, the ball will go far even if the center of the face is missed. More offset is also added to this hybrid to ensure the ball gets a straighter flight, maximizing the distance it travels.

Women's Big Bertha REVA Hybrids

This pick also features two Jailbreaker bars for connecting the crown and the sole, which helps increase the ball speed. Its weight is also well-distributed, so you will get a well-balanced feel. This golfing iron’s high-quality RCH shaft and Lamkin-ST Grip will help you increase your swing speed and comfort level. You can also choose between stock graphite, custom graphite, and custom steel shafts.


  • Good weight distribution for a comfortable swing
  • Added offset to keep the ball flight straighter


  • It may be too lightweight for some people

4. Big Bertha REVA Irons/Hybrids Set

If you are looking for a golf iron and hybrid combo set, this option is for you. The golf iron included in this pick features a tungsten energy core which is not only durable but also ensures a higher launch. It also boasts urethane microsphere technology to absorb vibrations without compromising on the ball speed.

Women's Big Bertha REVA Irons

The golf hybrids included in this pack features Flash Face designed by A.I. to increase the distance the ball travels even if you miss the center of the club’s face. This pick also has an increased offset to make the ball flight straighter. Its weight distribution is also great, thanks to a lighter carbon crown.


  • Designed especially for female players
  • Uses urethane microspheres to reduce vibrations


  • It is a bit pricey

Top-Rated Golf Irons: A Buying Guide

Here is our guide to buying golf irons for high handicap players so you can find the perfect ones for yourself:

Breaking Down the Terms Related to Golf Irons


The offset of golf irons is when the club-head is set a little bit behind the neck or shaft. Most golf irons designed for high handicap golfers feature increased offset. This can help you get a higher trajectory on your ball with each hit as the head’s center of gravity is farther back than the shaft. The higher trajectory gained through added offset means the ball can travel longer distances.

Flash Face

Flash Face designs are created through machine learning. They feature ripples from the head to the toe of the club. These ripples may be very subtle, but they have a significant impact on your performance as they help increase the ball speed, which allows you to hit the ball farther. This makes Flash Face a sought-after feature in high handicap golf irons.

What is the Difference Between Golf Irons and Hybrids?

Golf Irons

Golf irons hold several advantages that make them a solid option for high handicap players. They have a higher center of gravity which allows you to gain more control compared to hybrids. They are also much more consistent to help reduce the dispersion of shots significantly.

Golf Hybrids

Golf hybrids, on the other hand, are much more forgiving as they have a lower center of gravity. You will have a much easier time getting the ball up in the air with a hybrid than with an iron. They also help make the ball fly higher to increase the distance it can cover.

What to Look for When Buying Golf Irons?


You should take the weight and size of the golfing iron you choose into consideration. Generally speaking, if you have a slow swing speed and tempo, we recommend going for something with a lighter shaft. Heavier shafts should be opted for by players with a faster tempo and speed. You can find the weight of your new golfing iron in its product description.


The material quality of a golf iron is another important factor to consider. It’s a good idea to go for irons and hybrids that feature a graphite or steel shaft since these materials are light and durable. You can also opt for a high-end grip such as the Lamkin ST featured in the Women’s Big Bertha REVA Hybrids from our list. You can usually find the materials used in a golf iron in the product description.

Final Thoughts About Golf Irons

Investing in some better golfing equipment, such as golf irons, is never a bad idea. However, you must also do your research beforehand to get a good product. We hope this buying guide has provided you with all of the information you need to make a great purchase when buying your brand new golfing irons. Cheers!

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  1. You missed the mark by not including the hollow bodied Hybrid-Irons in this comparison. They out class the cavity back irons for learners/ high handicappers ; forgiveness, fade resistant and good distance.

  2. Right after studying these golf swing tricks , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) and practicing the drills as I study, I went out and also shot a seventy three. Another achievement I`ve made is reaching 13 of 18 greens in regulation. On the other 5 holes, I got close to striking five to ten yards with the green. 73s isn`t a natural thing for me since I have a handicap of 9. When I think about it, I haven’t experienced an exceptional round for a long period.

  3. Ken should be using Cleveland launcher hb irons or Wilson staff launch pad irons. He hits the turf before the ball and would benefit from a beefy sole. Plus they both come with lite shafts that would give him more clubhead speed.

  4. Good video. For beginners, surely clubs should be ranked in order of forgiveness? That would be the following:

    1st: Joint win between Cobra King F9 Speedback & Ping G410
    2nd: Callaway Big Bertha
    3rd: Titleist AP1
    4th: Taylormade M6s

    Performance between these clubs seems to be negligible for a golfer with a high handicap / beginner. Good video all the same, well done.

  5. I'd love to see these guys hit the clubs in reverse order as well. Maybe that last club was better because they were loosened up. Still, great to see regular guys hitting the ball and not some pro with all the time in the world to learn to control the club.

  6. To bad you couldn't have used the Ping G710…you know the one Ping says is the most forgiving longest iron specifically built for high handicappers….hmmm

  7. If any of you were thinking of getting callaway stealheads, they are great but I broke 3 of them in 5 months, head flew off of 6 iron and pw, hybrid snapped in half on a mat. Felt great, looked great, but broke real easy.

  8. Another excellent very helpful review from typical users of these clubs.
    It is very little use when a pro golfer hits these clubs huge distances with excellent results.
    The clear helpful summary was important & very valuable.
    Many thanks.

  9. High handicap golfers could use a branch off of a tree and score the same. Most errors by high handicap golfers are mental in that they try the miracle shot which usually results in adding 2+ strokes instead of saving one.

  10. I play off 5 and would never think of using anything other than SGI irons. So easy to hit. So forgiving. So consistent. I hate the look of “players” irons. But I sure love taking $$ off the boys who (try to) play them! LOL

  11. This is the first season I have played alot (Retired)…but my 25 year old Mizuno's are still capable of pars, birdies and eagles including my 2nd Hole in one. I would like to get a better 3 wood. Using my Adams Tight lies 3 wood from 35 years ago is proving difficult. If I hit a bad shot its me not the clubs.😊

  12. I wouldn't call any of those irons game improvement models for the high handicapper. That category is pretty much owned by the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo., with the Cobra King T-Rail not far behind.

  13. None of these clubs will improve your game. Playing clubs with the wrong lie angle for starters, not to mention all the other attributes that you should be fitted for. If most people would spend their money taking lessons from their local pro, they would see their handicap drop after only just a few lessons.

  14. is something wrong with me? i tried to used cavity clubs but i was having difficulty hitting solid shots. so i reverted to my old blade clubs..

  15. This may be a silly question, but I will ask anyway. If these irons help your game and forgive poor shots, why don't everyone use them?

  16. I wish they made these "forgiving" clubs with way more loft. It would make them truly forgiving. Loft is your friend folks. These are just far to strong lofted.

  17. Had myself fitted for a set of Callaway Mavrik Max clubs in the Spring. Awesome clubs that have helped my game tremendously. Great distance and forgiving as hell. Love em!

  18. This was really good. It's one thing to watch a Pro hit clubs and tell a beginner what to expect but to hear it from normal guys on the range is really helpful.

  19. I would like to see some testing on the lower priced models that I can afford. For example, how would the Tour Edge Hot Launch models compare to these irons?

  20. I want to do this on a range with a bunch of irons!!!! I would like to know which Irons are the best for me and which have the most control. I don't need more distance, and actually prefer weaker lofts.

  21. Strange they didn't have Wilson Launchpad irons. I'm a Wilson golf fan, and bought a set of LPs this summer. I love them. Yeah, they look wierd, but if that's a deciding factor, then you really aren't intending to improve.

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