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Building a Beginner's Bag | Putters and Midranges | Disc Golf

There are so many disc choices out there that it can be immensely difficult for a beginner to know where to even start. I’ve compiled a set of discs that will help you get started! Each of these discs come from one of 3 companies/manufacturers: Innova, Discraft, and Trilogy (Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs). These three manufacturers are the most popular and can be found in almost any sporting goods store and every disc golf shop (obviously!). Let me know what you throw in these slots!

Below are the timestamps for each part of the video:
Putting Putters 1:17
Throwing Putters 4:47
Midranges 11:02

Throwing putters
US: Lat 64 Pure (3/3/-1/1)
S: Innova Nova (2/3/0/0)
OS: Discraft Zone (4/3/0/3), Westside Harp (4/3/0/2.5)

US: Discraft Comet (4/5/-2/1), Discraft Sol (4/5/-3/0.5)
S: Dynamic Discs Truth (5/5/-1/1.5)
OS: Innova Roc (4/4/0/3)

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