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Can A BEGINNER Golfer Use Blades? In this video my mid handicap new golfer foxy puts the Mizuno MP20 MB BLADE Irons to the test against a more forgiving alternative. Should a mid handicap use blades? who should use blades? Can a mid handicap use blades? can a beginner golfer use blades? Who should use blades? Should you use blades? In this video you might find out! Which will go further? Will the blade be as forgiving as the forgiving golf clubs? Will foxy quit golf forever after hitting blades??? Let’s find out. And lets do it now!

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  1. I love blades, but give him a 3 wood and some hybrids and he would have had a lot more fun. At least he would have been better fitted for them. The irons do you no good if they're too short for you.

  2. I learned with mizuno blades bc that is what my dad had in the garage. Started playing when I was 16, serseriously when I was about 20. Only now at 24 can I hit a 3 iron where I want and that's about 7 out of every 10 times. I use my buddy senior clubs he borrows from his grandpa and they are forgiving as hell, a ton of flex and there so fat I thought they were hybrids

  3. Good chap helping ya with ur video , ya I think everyone should start with a blade why not gonna have to hit the sweet spot eventually

  4. I guess it is not a tools problem, it's swing problem,, I'm a beginner and using Titleist z.b which means blend between mb and cb but it's fine when you have the right grip and swing

  5. Started with cavity backs. Then MP 14. Went to T-Zoids and did well felt like blades were better. As I got older I thought ide try Pings but hated the offset. Found T-oxide on eBay. But, I miss the blades. Walked into Dicks about a month ago. Found a really nice set of MP 33. I mean nice wear the face of the wedge and nine iron are not even really scratched. Bought shafts and will assemble tonight. Can’t wait for that buttery feel!

  6. For the mid-handicap golfers that are reading this, if you want a full set of blades, GO FOR IT! One aspect of golf that doesn't get enough attention is how the clubs in your bag make you feel mentally. Don't get hung up on how forgiving a club will be, because that isn't the only important aspect when gaming a set. In many ways, using a bladed iron is a solid route to actual game improvement. You'll get instant feedback from any shot you take with them, and you can figure out the corrections in your swing from there. Good luck

  7. Really comes down to how the person feels and how comfortable they are with any style of club. Also, how well you strike it with your swing. Good Luck Everyone 👍

  8. His right arm is straight at address, an he's tilting the clubs back, I feel like that's a reason why he's topping a lot of them.

  9. I’m a beginner and my buddy gave me his Nike blades because he could not hit them. I found the you need to swing slower and focus on the sweet spot of the club vs club head speed. When hit right, the ball explodes off the club. Unfortunately that’s one in a thousand swings for me. I do like the challenge of it.

  10. I got a 6 iron blade for £25, with the idea that using it as a practice club would help me become a better ball striker. I used it for 5 shots at the range, and 3 of them were peaches, one was ok, and the other was a duff. I bought a full set a few weeks later, and use them all the time now. I have been playing about a year and have a 32 handicap, but I expect that to fall rapidly. Cant see me using anything other than a blade now.

  11. I had some Ben Hogan blades that I bought from my home club Pro. They were fantastic and I loved playing them even I if was a bit cack at times. Enjoyment comes before anything else

  12. Just started golf a few months ago and I’m about a double bogey golfer. My friend just told me I have blades which are “harder” to use. I don’t even know what there is besides a blade so if someone can help me out that’d be cool.

    Also, where can I buy cheap golf clubs?? I’m playing with a set from early 2000’s which I’m fine with. But have fallen in love with golf and am looking to slowly upgrade.

  13. Ive been learning with 99 hogan apex blades. Its taught me a lot about how well you can strike the ball with proper compression/technique 👍🏻

  14. i have being playing with blades for 3 years now (Titilest DCI) that i got from my father, and i do have 27,5 HCP so i have been playing with pnly thoes untill today

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