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This video is for senior golfers who would like to learn an easy golf swing, a pain free golf swing and one that can add more distance to your drives.

I coach a number of senior golfers all looking who are often looking for more distance on their drives. They often have back pain, neck pain and a generally lack of flexibility that they feel prevents them from hitting the ball far. In this weeks training you will learn a simple pain free golf swing that will have you bombing your drives in no time.

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  1. This training is specifically designed for Senior golfers particularly if you struggle with flexibility. I have a great drill I learnt from a colleague of mine Brian Sparkes that works so well…check it out

  2. Got to love this guy. Have lost swing, if I ever had one, after 3 surgeries. Understand and am trying to incorporate his teachings into my 65 year old body, with 2 artificial hips and recently repaired rotator cuff. Keep up the great work. Saw video where he was so excited about going over 100K subscribers, now over 435K. A lot of videos out there on golf swing. Probably have seen most. Decided to stick with Danny, for his simplicity, desire, and teaching abilities. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Danny. I like the emphasis on the head turn to encourage the shoulder turn.
    I take it the head also moves laterally. Slightly back on the back swing and forward on the follow through?
    If you have the flexibility is it better to keep the left heel on the ground or as low to the ground as possible? I am in my late 50s and have come back to golf after playing as a junior 30+ years ago and find I tend to naturally lift my left heel.

  4. Hi Danny again , I would like to thankyou for your instruction videos you have helped me thanks. I fear though is not for long because Golf Clubs are mostly out in the countryside like the one I'm a member of but with these bans for COVID19 its killing them like it killed my mother slowly and painfully . I WOULD LIKE TO ASK WHAT YOU AND YOUR VIEWERS THINK ABOUT MEMBERSHIP NEXT YEAR , I AM THINKING PAY AND PLAY GREEN FEE MEMBER , WELL OUR CLUB WHETHER OR NOT IT CLAIMED FURLOW FROM THE GOVERMENT IS NOT PASSING OR OFFERING US MEMBERS ANY MONEYS BECAUSE IT CLOSED FOR 2 TO 3 MONTHS. PAUL.

  5. hi Danny, I have a tip for you and those who are of a 18+ handicap .I tried it out with a 28 h/c player who was struggling to get the ball off the ground . 1st the player takes his/her/their stance and setup . 2nd take a coin place it right behind the ball . 3rd tell the player to look at that coin see it in his mind. 4th someone moves the coin and tells the player to try and hit the spot where the coin was nothing else . Suffice to say this guy was 140 yds out on a down slope , not only did he get the ball airborne but it stopped level with the pin , he then repeated this time and again and enjoyed the rest of the round. paul

  6. All good tips. The only thing I would add is to flare out the trail foot and pull it back a bit. Almost as tho you are setting up for a hook. Also helps with turn. I keep my shoulders square with the target tho.

  7. hi again Dany. i'll try this tomorrow i have just turned eighty so loads of your tuition needed also lots practice.

  8. I have been watching Danny's videos for many years, until about two months ago, when they stopped?! I pressed the bell for notification, and still nothing! What happened?

  9. 3rd place in the Lady presidents Prize today at Ballykisteen Golf club today. 35 points. 3 of us on 35 points .winner won on Count back.

  10. To feel necessary speed in the swing, place the head of the club in your left hand, then rotate lifting your left heel, then see how much speed you can generate. Remember the down swing begins with the left heel.

  11. Thanks Danny! The thing I also love about this is you can do this move consistently. This coupled with your recent club face closed video has been very helpful for me! Cant wait to sharpen this!

  12. Hi Danny, I played ladies single Stableford today Weekly competition. I used the easy swing and I got 35 points. Only had one mishap with the driver off the tee and that was the 18th. Went into the water in front of the tee box.

  13. Danny, I'm 73 and totally agree with your training methods. With multiple arthritis joint pain in my back, your explanation of the feet movement is very key to keeping balance. Good Job!!

  14. As a 22 year old, I've been taught the "proper" way to swing because who is more flexible than kids and young adults? Golf pros and coaches would freeze me at my backswing and force more rotation; I thought "is golf really this uncomfortable?" Inconsistency and lack of distance made golf even more frustrating on top of the pain and soreness I felt after a short range session. I was dealt the hand of short muscle fibers and extreme tightness despite an active lifestyle growing up. I may have the flexibility of a middle-aged man, but I can finally enjoy golf and can do so pain free. Cheers Danny!

  15. I’m 64 and have had op’s on both knees and over the past few months been struggling to make a turn and my golf was going backwards every week . After watching Danny Maude on here and following his simple steps for seniors , In 4 weeks have dropped from a 16 handicap , which I was finding hard to achieve , to a 13 and in all honesty feel I can go lower . It’s made me enjoy my golf again , where I was in the maybe giving up mode before.

  16. Just passed 87 and have been steadily losing distance over the last few years, after watching this video I'm starting to improve already, still a long way to go but am now very hopeful ! This is the best video I've ever seen, Thank You.

  17. Love the comments and the video Danny…hope I don’t have to give up my golf as I have screaming sciatica thanks

  18. I like Danny Maude but not when there is commercials in the middle of the video. I won’t be watching anymore

  19. I just went and golfed with my 20 yr old son. I've been having back pain, because I was swing like a young man. I changed my swing to address my health concerns by applying this instructional strategy. I had a great time. I shot a 43 for 9 holes and had a blast. Thanks for the lesson.

  20. It’s a swing shape with legs and feet familiar to the old 60’s Golf Tour swings

    Heck this now arthritic frame would very happily look a little like Jack Nicklaus 😂

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