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Fun Golf Lessons for Kids – Learn the Golf Stance

Grip It Guy and Grip It Girl are Superhero Golfers and the Defenders of The Golf Galaxy!

The Golf Goons are trying to destroy The Golf Galaxy and the only way to defeat them is to learn to play golf. Join Grip It Girl and Grip It Guy in learning golf and help them on their mission to save The Golf Galaxy!

The Survival of Golf and The Golf Galaxy depends on you!

In this video Grip It Girl and Grip It Guy are working hard to defend against the Golf Goons but they need your help! Join them in learning the Superhero golf stance to get started learning and playing golf!

The Superhero Golf Stance is simple and fun to learn! Read the steps below and join along in the video.

The Superhero Golf Stance:

#1. Set up your feet shoulder width apart
#2. Have even weight on your feet so you are balanced
#3. Bend your knees just a little bit
#4. Keep a very straight Superhero back
#5. Bend forward at your hips
#6. Let your arms dangle and grap the club at the natural place they hang
#7. Get ready to make a Superhero Golf Swing!

Thank you for your help to defeat the Golf Goons. See you on our next mission!

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