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Golf Ball Comparison | Does The Golf Ball You Play Really Matter? | Trackman Testing

From tee to green, does the #golf #ball you play really matter? It’s an interesting question given the dramatically different price points in the golf ball market, the different construction methods used to create golf balls, and the fact that many golfers are happy to play an older golf ball that they found in a lake or the woods. To explore what kind of differences in full shot performance might exist, 2nd Swing’s Thomas Campbell and Drew Mahowald conducted Trackman #testing by hitting drivers, 7-irons, and wedges with six very different golf balls. The balls chosen for the test to provide a representation of premium golf balls, budget golf balls, new golf balls, and old golf balls were #Titleist Pro #V1x, Titleist #Velocity, Top Flite XL, Precept Lady IQ, Titleist Professional 90, and finally a Pinnacle Range Ball.

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