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Hit longer drives by using the correct tee height for you! How how to tee the golf ball? Everyone wants to hit longer drives off the tee, leading to shorter clubs into the green, lower scores and basically bragging rights from your friends. But I see so many golfers who tee the ball at the wrong height and its costs them not only distance but also accuracy. To make sure we hit the three main points to good long straight drives, it’s mega important we use the correct tee height. Let’s do it, and let’s do it now!

The Importance of Tee Height in Hitting Longer Drives

A tee affects your golfing experience just as much as the club you use. However, the golf tee height is an often-overlooked factor that can determine how well you can drive the ball. You would be surprised at how much control and distance you can get by simply adjusting the tee height better. Let’s dive deeper into his subject to see what impact this factor has on your golfing performance.

Why Does Golf Tee Height Matter?

Tee height matters a lot when it comes to hitting longer drives because it directly affects the trajectory and maximum distance you can get out of your hit. It also affects the backspin of the ball during its flight path. When you are using a driver, you want to hit up the ball instead of hitting down through it.

This allows you to launch the ball higher and with less spin. The lower spin results in a penetrating trajectory, helping you get a higher ball flight. So, the right tee height will get you the best trajectory and a much longer drive. Additionally, tee height also has an impact on your accuracy.

If the tee height is correct, you will be able to hit your shots more consistently, helping you improve your accuracy. It will also help you minimize the sidespin on the ball, which can go a long way in making your shots straighter. Bonus, take a look at this video showing how to properly draw the golf ball after you’ve perfected your tee height.

What Should be the Correct Golf Tee Height?

Now that we have talked about why tee height matters, let’s discuss what should be the correct height to get the longest drive. The tee height you should choose depends on the driver or club you are using. It also depends on personal preference, as you need to be comfortable with the tee height to hit a good shot.

Generally, it is good to go for a height where the bottom of your golf ball is level with the top part of your driver’s clubface. This way, you have a much easier time hitting up on the ball to get a much better trajectory instead of hitting down on it. You will also be hitting the ball with the center area of the club, increasing accuracy and distance. Take a look at this article to see The Ultimate Guide to Ball Position in Golf.

What Happens if the Tee Is Too Low?

When trying to get a longer drive, you want to avoid placing the tee too low. This is because if it is placed too low, then you increase the chances of hitting the top of the ball. If this happens, the ball will most likely be shot towards the ground, covering very little distance.

It can also cause a topspin, reducing the distance the ball can travel and affecting your shot’s accuracy. Placing a tee too high is also not good since it can cause a backspin instead, which also negatively affects the distance and accuracy.


To get the best-golfing experience and good performance, you need to consider every tiny detail of this beautiful game. The golf tee height is one of such details. By finding the tee height you are most comfortable with, you can hit the golf ball over longer distances with exceptional accuracy.

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  1. Can't believe people didn't already know this. It's been common knowledge since the first oversized drivers. The Killer Whale comes to mind.

  2. remember pirelli advert, power is nothing without control. btw what's wrong by being gloveless?Actually I do as the grat Boom Boom Couples ;-p

  3. I’ve just calculated that if I multiply the myriad of different settings my driver offers by three, for differing tee heights, then the next model will be announced way before I’ve optimised this one and I’ll be forced to start the process all over. Going to have to give up golf I just haven’t got the time.

  4. You have a beautiful swing. I have a question. Doesn't the height, carry and roll depend on the degree of loft that the driver has? I play with a Calloway Great Big Bertha with either a 9.5 or 10.5 loft (I don't remember…I'm OLD!!!) I am a 58 year old woman and I drive, with carry and roll about 170 to 190 yards, depending on how well I swing. I've noticed my golf girlfriend has a higher loft of about 12 or 12.5 on her Cobra driver and she hits it much higher in the air than me, but it doesn't go nearly as far. Having said that, I know balls are important, too. I am staunch on what balls I use – I use Callaway Supersofts and hit the living hell out of them. They are the only ball I use after years of trying lesser, i.e., Titleist, Bridgestone, Volvik, Callaway Solaire Women's balls (THEY SUCK) etc. balls (for my game). She will play anything when it comes to balls, while I know my Supersofts and refuse anything else.

    Please advise.

  5. I often hit driver without a tee, get a low flight, lots of run and more control as the wind can’t get to it as much, or the sidespin I put on the ball. However, if I could hit the middle of the club with an orange tee, this does show it could go much further. Thanks!

  6. I use the TS2 driver set to 10.25 and I use the 2 inch tee and I have hit the longest and straightest I ever have

  7. As far as hitting distance, do you think it matters if you use plastic or wood tees? Why do you use a wooded tee ?

  8. I use a lower tee height if I need a left to right drive, pink for straighter and orange for a draw as it flattens swing plane a bit.

  9. Could you do a video for the Spoon to? Guess hybrid is like irons in tee height (tees 5-7 mm above ground).

  10. Hi James
    Like the vids
    Just curious as to why you pros take out the bad shot from the stats.
    It makes more sense to leave the best and worse in and if anything remove an average one.
    Keep on keeping on.

  11. James can you then tell us in "inches" what is a good starting point tee size for these 460 cc size deep face drivers in inches I have 2-3/4' tees.Should I try perhaps a 3/1/4'" I know as a general rule your driver crown should be about at equator or 1/2 of ball usually –DeX

  12. Hack, not using a glove, maybe I should delete you as my virtual teacher…..hehehehehe, I would like a refund

  13. This was very interesting. Never thought of it! This is why I subscribe to see you!😂🤣😂 funny and informative

  14. Its not always about distance though. Some control the shot much better with a shorter tee. As in straight down the fairway.

  15. Just used a 2 3/4” Martini Tee for first time this past weekend and I totally agree with more consistency using a measured Tee.

  16. Changed to the orange t today after watching your video. I hit some of the longest and straightest drives today great advice big improvements

  17. MOST (better) players (single digit) will benefit from higher tee height as it allows for an upward blow with the driver. Most higher handicappers have difficulty consistently hitting them flush however so most have to use a much, much lower tee height in order to make clean contact.

  18. Wouldn’t this depend on course and weather conditions? I change tee height depending on shot I want to hit. Low runner, tee in down. High floater hitting down wind, tee it high and let it fly!

  19. James, have you noticed that the end of plastic T's (the bit you stick in the ground) has a wide side and a thin side, like a blade? Reckon that's to allow the T to push over easily as you catch it on follow through. Reckon you should always blade the T towards your target. what do you think (ey up future video topic here!)

  20. Why on earth in this day and age would you be recommending plastic tee pegs when you are aware that wooden tees which can be set at any height are available. Time to wake up.

  21. I tee the ball at different heights based on wind.  Wind at my back I tee higher. When into the wind lower.  I tee at mid with no wind because I'm trying to get a more consistent ball contact.

  22. Good vid however the mishits should be counted as the data is inaccurate without them. The higher the TEE the more mishits will occur as most people change their swings with a driver when the ball is tee,d up high. Yes there is more distance but less accuracy, which equals a higher score at the end of the day. I play off 5.4 and have tried different Tee heights. The High tee,s go a little further but hitting the desired club face position each time is more difficult. cheers and good job James..

  23. I use my wooden tees and always put them just in the groud so they don't fall over with my driver that's how I make sure I tee it up the same height on every shot

  24. Isn't this a waste of time given that he holds the driver off the ground. It's a false picture we're getting surely.

  25. 1- 1.25" is my best performing tee height with my driver set at 7° I'm short with a flat swing. Teeing high I just hit the bottom 3rd of the driver face ,subconsciously trying not to put a dummy dinger on my driver crown 😉

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