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HOW TO ARRANGE YOUR GOLF BAG the Right Way [For Beginners!]

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golf is one of those sports where you have a ton of stuff well i’m going to show you how to organize your bag the right way so you’re not losing stuff inside your bag and you’re more productive out in the course before we get started make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss another video it really helps me out a lot and let’s get on with showing you how to organize your golf bag what’s going on guys it’s michael pga tour super store

reviewer back at it with another video today i’m at the pga tour superstore but i’m going to show you how to organize your bag the right way now as you can tell as golfers we have a lot of stuff we got to shove in this bag but believe it or not each one has its specific place and i’m going to show you where so obviously you got a golf bag for me it’s this bag right

here you can have a stand back like this you can have a staff bag that just sits on the back of the cart kind of anything you’re looking for if you want to walk if you want to ride that just kind of depends on what you want out of a golf bag but for me that’s a stand back so i’m going to set it right here now if we look at the top of the back here my bag’s got six

spots some bags have four some bags have six some have 14 one for each club but mine has six so we’re just gonna go with that now your golf clubs i’m gonna show it this way so you guys can see now where you put your clubs in your bag is totally up to you i mean

some people put their higher clubs up top higher clubs down low for me this is kind of how i do it this is how i do my bag with a six-way configuration like i said you can do this a bunch of different ways i take my wedges that i use around the green put them in the front path now you could put your pitching wedge up here also but personally i just like keeping

these guys up here so personally i work from the bottom to the top so i got my wedges i used around the green right here and i got nine and pitching wedge i’m gonna put right in this slot right here now the six way configuration is interesting because i’m putting like two clubs to each pocket until i get to the top so we got nine pitching right here seven eight right here six five in this pocket i don’t carry a hybrid if i would i’d put it in this pocket along

with the four iron but i got a two iron so two iron four iron go right here now when i get to the top of the bag i like putting the ones that i have head covers on so my putter five wood and driver i’m gonna stick them right up here like i said you can do this backwards or however way makes sense to you but i would do it in a way where you remember where

stuff is that way when you’re reaching for a club you know where it is then personally i got two alignment rods i just kind of throw them in here take them out their range every so often now i got my towel here some people have a clip that goes on the side personally i just have a really large towel kind of throw it wedge it in between the clubs it never really

falls out usually wet one side of it to kind of get the dirt off out in the course but kind of just weave it through here like this okay we’re moving on to the side pocket of the bag usually your bag is going to have a really large pocket right here for me i like putting in a quarter zip if it gets chilly rain gear you know something like that you can even fit a small

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