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How To Buy Beginner Golf Clubs

My Buddy Carlos needed a beginner set of clubs but both of us did not feel that paying a few hundred dollars for a beginner set was REALLY necessary, so we went to the regular stores to check things out. After realizing that most of the brick and mortar stores only sold their golf club sets online only, we searched the internet and found EATON’S GOLF in Long Beach, California. The Owner is Glen Eaton, who was the NICEST person you could imagine. He knew we did not have much money and on the phone he said he could put together a set for us for $100, so we went and BAM!

Just like that, Carlos had his set. Carlos then bought a glove and some golf balls for a really awesome price and then we were off on our Golf Journey. I love stores like these, because you get to interact with the Owner and EVERYTHING you need about your Golfing needs, Glen can hook you up. I mean, shoot, Eaton’s Golf has been around for over 30 YEARS so I am sure they do know a thing or two about golf.

By the way, Glen had no idea that I was going to make this video or even put it up, so this is a totally unsolicited video promoting his store. If you are in the Long Beach area and you need some specialized attention for your Golfing needs, please go visit Eaton’s Golf and tell Glen that you saw the video. You won’t get a discount since it is already really good prices, but at least I will get some street cred right?

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