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How to Clean or Wash a Golf Glove Without Ruining It, Golf Tips

How to Clean or Wash a Golf Glove (Without Ruining It), Golf Tips.

Every time I go golfing, it is almost always my worry as to how I would clean my golf glove. After using it for years at a time, maintaining its quality is of utmost importance to me. However, I sometimes stumble as to how to clean it without ruining the material it is made from.

How do I clean or wash a golf glove without ruining it? For washing-at-home purposes, mildly wash the glove by applying mild detergent until the surface dirt and perspiration is removed. However, there are other tactics as well.

Cleaning or washing your golf glove does not only affect how you look on the court but also the performance you put in the field. Having clean and washed gloves is both an aesthetic pleaser and a performance enhancer. Washing them should be your utmost priority after practice or a full game.

How Does Your Golf Glove Wear Out?
In this section, prior to cleaning tips, we will see how your golf glove wears and what it will tell you. Specifically, it is important to look at where exactly the glove has worn out or gotten dirty. Through this, we are able to tell what it means as far as even your grip technique.

Naturally, over time, the wear that you will experience in the gloves is almost inevitable. Regardless of the price you pay for it, like a top-notch Cabretta leather or manmade synthetic, it is only natural for the glove to wear out over time. Usually, players opt for the Cabretta leather, knowing that it is very thin, and at the same time very prone to wear and tear. Although a synthetic glove may last longer, it is well-known in the golf community that leather beats synthetic in terms of feel for the game.

Now, depending on how you configure the glove, it should tell you a lot of things about your technique. If the leather starts getting scuffed, it means that you have a hole in your thumb right at the crease of the palm side of the knuckle.

The area around the big part of the palm, if that shows wear and tear, is a minimal concern. This is because it will not result in a huge hole developing. If there is a thumb hole, it means that you should re-gripping the top of the swing.

Essentially, the glove is made to last long. If you are experiencing tear in some areas, it is a sign that you are overstressing that part of your hand. As a preventative measure, make sure that your placements are correct and that you do not put too much pressure in areas that can pile up.

However, if you have experienced that the tips of your fingers in the glove are ripping off or wearing out, then you are simply buying the wrong sized gloves. This means, simply, that your fingers are too long for the glove’s dimensions. Instead, try the same cadet size in the glove and that should work fine in terms of size. A cadet size glove, to be clear, are those that feature shorter fingers.

A good rule of thumb to remember is that you want a golf glove size that fits like a second skin. Any looseness will stretch through your usage, and tightness will result in immediate wear and tear.

Maintenance on the Field.

Like any item in any sport, the golf glove can take a beating over time. The soft leather that it contains absorbs sweat, along with the occasional wear and tear from gripping the club. Further, with swinging motions, there are a lot of unwanted conditions that can wear out your golf glove.

So, over time, it is essentially natural for the glove to experience tears. However, with proper care on the field itself, you can maintain the golf glove clean while on the course. In fact, many golfers today are unaware of how some of their habits can actually dirty up their golf gloves faster than everyone else’s. In fact, most players clean out their golf gloves every month.

With proper care, the gloves can last multiple months. Yet, there are top-notch materials that you could use to prevent this. One of them is to buy leather gloves. Serious golfers know, that when it comes to glove materials, that leather is way better than synthetic.

Leather is animal skin–it is porous, allowing air and moisture to permeate across the surface. On the field, the glove has a couple of functions. Other than increasing grip, it has to reduce perspiration from your hands and allow a firm grip. Rather, think of the gloves themselves as ventilation material, keeping them cool on a hot day on the green. However, do not oversaturate the glove with liquid sweat. Know that, even with leather, there are limits.

Other than moisture, one of the other things that can ruin your glove is too much salt moisture.

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