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How to draw the golf ball easy!
This weeks swings analysis helps you control your hips to help you produce a better path into the golf ball stopping that over the top golf swing

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  1. Really well explained guys, being able to play a draw is a must in this game and this makes it so much easier. Cheers

  2. The face sends it and the path bends it. If you want to draw the ball to target. Align your body right of the target, open the club face in between the target and swing path. Swing inside to out, and boom, Draw.

  3. Joined a golf club for the first time in April and have been given a handicap of 14! Seems a little tight but the credit for any ability goes to my grandad who taught me to the fundamentals when I was a wee nipper (I'm 42 now). These videos along with a guy called Sean Clement have been rwally useful to gain greater understanding of golf swing mechanics. Please consider me for a swing analysis! Thanks Piers and Andy

  4. Interestingly this seems to be a good solution to my problem of hitting pull hooks with my longer clubs. I think the problem is turning the hips too fast, which throws the club out at the top. However, I'm able to get the club face closed, which results in the pull/hook instead of the slice. I'm going to work on this drill. Thanks!

  5. Piers and Andy, can't thank you enough for this swing breakdown! Invaluable advice and we really appreciate all the kind words about our podcast. Keep up the great work boys!

  6. I went to the range right after watching this video, I hit 90% of the bucket straight!! Right foot back, dip the right shoulder a little, balls were on rails. Anyone with a driver slice has to try this.

  7. I've learnt how to play golf purely from Piers and Andy from me and my golf and not had one lesson in my life, brilliant tips every time and explained in the easiest way, by watching these two I've managed to get my first every hole in one πŸ™‚ cheers lads

  8. This exercise has helped me improve so much! You had a similar video out last year and I am still using this swing thought. Looking forward to breaking level par soon. THANK YOU SO MUCH! No teacher ever gave me that thought beforehand. πŸ˜€

  9. Interesting. I was recently having an issue clearing my left side so my fitter suggested I sort of do the opposite of this and open up my left side at address. This let me rotate my shoulders easier and I just had to focus on where my hands were. Ended up with nice baby cuts. Really improved my iron play. This video gives me ideas for draws now, love the drill!

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