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Huge Mistake Beginners Make Building Their Bags | Disc Golf Tips for Beginners

What is your favorite disc in your bag? It’s one of my favorite questions to ask players, with the follow-up being why? Being comfortable with a disc generally lends itself to making a player being more consistent with the disc as well. Yet when it comes to building our bags, we can often overlook this exact concept with certain areas within the bag.

The heart of this channel has been to help as many people become the consistent and competitive players they want to be as possible. There are lots of physical components to improving our game, but I truly believe decision-making and mental game can help us improve even faster. So what is this oversight beginners make regarding their bag? You’ll have to watch to find out!

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Thanks again for stopping by, but until next time I hope the birdies outnumber the bogies!!

0:00​ Intro
0:28 Setting Up the Problem
2:31 My Hypothesis
4:02 The Major Problem
4:59 Simple Solution
6:29 Biggest Benefit
8:27 Wrap Up

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