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Left Handed Golf Series – The Downswing

Episode 5 of Andy’s Learning Golf Left Handed
This video demonstrates the ideal downswing path for the shots Andy wants to hit.
It also explains the importance of taking each swing thought one step at a time rather than overthinking and filling your head with too many which will eventually prove destructive.

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  1. Hi Andy, great video,I have been looking for left handed videos to see where I go wrong with my swing.As all the other golf tips are right handed.Great videos and tips.
    Cheers Pete

  2. Carter I'm left handed & played right handed for over 20 years but always wondered if I could improve beyond what I was if I had access to left handed clubs as a youth, I've recently purchased a left handed 6 iron & putter in & attempt to try left handed golf, any tips would be great as I had a few chips with the 6 iron & felt very disorienting aftwards but I can actually strike the ball but it all looks wrong /odd

  3. Looked like the right side  shoulder took over and you pulled it right. A big problem to me also as a lefty with right hand dominate.

  4. Try predominately to swing the club down with you right arm and I promises you that your impact will be much better. Less thought on the left side.

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