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Ogio Silencer Bag

In this weeks episode I review the new Ogio Silencer Stand and Cart bags

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  1. Umbrella man… Where do you but the umbrella in a silencer bag? (I can't find any place besides the putter's slot). The fact that I have a really big grip on mine makes it a no go. (Doesn't work with the umbrella in that pocket with that putter.) Annoying!

    I love both bags but I live in a country that really needs to use the umbrella quite a lot. (Sweden.) Have you found the slot?! (Either I'm blind or they decided to scrap the part, right?!)

  2. Don’t don’t don’t,we want to see the bag not you, talking whilst looking at the bag off camera?.. what’s that all about?

  3. Does it tear the grips up at all? Seems like maybe locking them in over and over again would wear them out prematurely.

  4. i instantly dont like it..
    the sound my clubs make are a sound i enjoy..
    i used to enjoy the sound of cleats as i walked to the clubhouse, but those were taken away..
    i hope they dont continue to take away the wonderful sounds of golf anymore than they already have.. those sounds bring me joy..

  5. I immediately bought this bag after watching your video thanks. I owned a Grom but my bulldog chew the side pocket zipper. Would the plastic locking mechanism last? I would think that after using it over and over that would become loose.

  6. Just purchased the silencer cart bag and am very impressed with all the features. As I am a cart golfer these days every thing is at easy reach and it lives up to its name “Silencer”. Keep the vlogs coming mate!

  7. Does he seriously not show how easily or difficult the clubs go in and out. Feel like this video should have been 3 minutes or less

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