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Ranking the best golf balls in golf

From Kirkland Siganture golf balls to Callaway Chromesofts, and even the Snell golf balls, there’s a lot of good golf balls in the game in 2017. However, finding the perfect golf ball for your style, abilities, swing speed, and talent can be a challenge to say the least. Hopefully this video changes your perspective, and enables you to pick a golf ball that will suit your needs.

The full list:

Srixon Z Stars
Nike RZN Tour
Snell Golf Ball
Bridgestone B330’s
Callaway Chromesoft
Taylormade TP5 and TP5x
Kirkland Signature Golf Balls
and the best golf ball of 2017:

Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x

How did I make these decisions?

Through my years of playing golf, I have played hundreds of different brands. I’m a current +1.2 handicapper, so I’ve played enough to know how different golf balls feel, perform, and behave on the golf course. I put together this list with the sole intent of helping other golfers get an idea about the best golf balls in the game.

Please let me know how you did on my best golf balls list! I would love to hear your feedback, and please consider subscribing and leaving a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video.




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