Golf Balls

RESULTS: The Best Balls of 2021

The results of the biggest head to head ball test ever have been released. Today we break down our findings and give some recommendations for the best ball for your game.


0:00 Intro
0:56 Behind the scenes
3:48 No Top 5?
8:29 Soft is Slow BUT…
10:28 Spin and speed stay relative
13:32 Trajectory matters + The Golfer Mindset
21:44 Recommendations
22:05 High Swing Speed: Lower Spin
25:44 High Swing Speed: Higher Spin
28:01 High Swing Speed: Balanced
30:02 Mid Swing Speed: Lower Spin
31:50 Mid Swing Speed: Higher Spin
32:59 Mid Swing Speed: Balanced
36:34 Slow Swing Speed: Lower Spin
37:25 Slow Swing Speed: Higher Spin
39:29 Slow Swing Speed: Balanced
41:52 Dispersion?
45:05 Misc. Observations and Surprises
49:16 How do I find the right ball for me?


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