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Stop Topping the Golf Ball – Best Ball Striking Drill

Best Ball Striking Drill – Golf lesson that teaches a drill on how to promote good ball striking in order to avoid topping the ball or hitting shots thin.

Topping the Golf Ball – The Best Ball Striking Drill

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The bottom of the swing arc should be located just in front of the ball (a couple of inches), whenever hitting an iron or a wedge. That’s where the divot should be deepest, at no more than an inch.

In order to feel the position of the bottom of the swing you can half a swing the club repeatedly while you move your weight around in your stance. When you move your weight towards your front foot you will feel the bottom of the swing arc move in front of where the ball would be in its ideal position.

A good drill to promote good ball striking is to position the ball much more in front than it would normally be. For example, place the ball forward as you would with a driver, towards the front foot.

You may use a tee in order to make this drill easier. In order to correctly train your body to shift its weight forward try to hit the tee and the ball in this way forward position.

After several shots using this ball forward drill you can position the ball back to where it should normally be but still aim to hit the ball first and the ground second by promoting good weight transfer towards the front foot at impact.

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