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I get asked all the time what I’m working on in my swing (plus get some unsolicited swing advice…), so I figured today I’d do something a little different and bring you along to a lesson with me and my swing coach, Tyler Hall! Tyler is an amazing coach and an amazing player himself. Hopefully you take away some great swing tips and drills from this lesson as well!

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  1. What things are you guys working on in your swing? It's amazing how different everyone's swing problems are!

  2. Appreciate your work ethic, passion for the game, and how you break things down in a manner that is understandable/applicable to all skill levels. Keep up the great works!

  3. Proper golf swings have to do with learning how and why they are performed and those things are seen in golf swing secrets. I have read the book two times and made 15 yards more on all irons, 25 more on my driver. My pleasure of golf has doubled and my self-confidence has raised.. You can research this guidebook on Google. It calls Logan Ballοyshot
    With thanks

  4. Once you got your hands hanging naturally, and you got your timing, it was like magic. Lovely swing, nice tempo! (Not bad for a Wheatridge gal!)

  5. When doing video instructions about golf you want to find a place where you have the absolute most background noise possible. This is not bad but I think the addition of a high revving chainsaw would help.

  6. One thing to bear in mind that for feedback or improvement advices from a "Golf Athletical Player" make sure that each of us is seriously needed to coach for getting better. Or not, trust your knowledge and your devotion to the sport you are playing, keep practicing by self-believe.

  7. Another awesome video Paige! You personify that even the very best strive to become even better. Thanks for another great vlog and keep hitting them down the middle! Mike in Roy, Utah 🙂😎👍

  8. Great content. Thank you for sharing. Swing is on plane and looking solid. Look forward to seeing you on the tour again one day!

  9. Why are you teaching her to swing wide? She should be more of the arc model… long arms, flexible. Embrace it, don't fight it!

  10. Just read an article about you on I didn't know who you were but your story is inspirational. Glad you found your calling and extremely excited about your anti-bullying work. So glad you found a nice young man also. Congrats and continued success.

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