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New CaddyDaddy Claw Golf Glove, Longer Lasting, Breathable with Superior Grip
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Sport Type Golf
Material Silicone, Leather
Brand CaddyDaddy
Style Cadet Med (LH)
About this item
NON-SLIP-GRIP – Our Exclusive Ultra-Thin Silicone Ridges on the Palm Provide Amazing Club Control
REMARKABLE AIRFLOW & BREATHABILITY – The Full Mesh Top Enhances Airflow to Keep Hands Cool
UNMATCHED DURABILITY – Claw Gloves have Been Reported to Outlast Leather by 3-5 Times
Worn on Left Hand (for right handed players)
Worn on Right Hand (for left handed players)

Claw Men’s Golf Glove
Claw Features:

Flex-Mesh Design Provides Excellent Ventilation
Exclusive Silicone-Web Coating Provides Maximum Flexibility and Grip
Mesh Fabric Boosts Airflow and Breath-ability
Looks New Longer than Leather
100% Cutting-Edge Synthetic Design
Palm will not Crack, Harden or Tear
Remarkable Comfort and Performance
Lasts 3-5 Times Longer than Most Leather Gloves
Machine Washable
Conforms with the Rules of Golf
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About us
CaddyDaddy has been a manufacturer of exceptional gloves, golf travel bags, golf bags and premium golf accessories for over 15 years. Based in Chandler, Arizona we have the luxury of testing our golf designs all year round. Thank you for considering our products.

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