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The BEST Golf Tees For Beginners – Lignum Tee Review

The Lignum Tee is the best golf tees for beginners and high handicappers.
These tees are guaranteed to make you more consistent off the tee, with your driver, woods and irons.

The secret to play better golf is finding the right tee height every single time. With the Lignum Tee you can be sure to hit better drives, because you get the right tee height automatically, just like the PGA pros.

In this review of the Lignum Tee (the #1 tee in Europe), I tell you all about the tee that is perfect for high handicap golfers and beginners. And everyone that needs help with consistent tee height for the golf ball.

You will also get more self-confidence in your game, because you know that you’re in the right spot for a great drive.

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