Golf Balls

The Biggest Golf Ball Test Yet

The 2021 MyGolfSpy Ball Test has concluded, and its the biggest test we’ve done yet with over 5000 shots hit and 37 models tested. Today we share our preliminary findings and what surprised us the most. Let’s get it!

0:00 Intro
0:32 The 2021 MGS Ball Test concludes
4:22 Should you fit with a range ball?
9:06 Number of “holy $%*#” moments
11:55 Damaged Balls & Temperature effects
16:47 Why not to play refurb balls
19:40 Have Chromesofts improved?
21:00 Disappointments
23:51 Differences across clubs?
27:10 Are ball ads oversimplifying?
31:01 The biggest surprise
33:04 Personal takeaways


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