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The Golf Grip Made Simple – Beginner Golf Lessons

Welcome to Grip It Girl Golf Lessons! We stand committed to our mission to inspire and encourage girls and women to play, learn and be empowered through golf. Please subscribe to our channel to join our movement!

This video provides a simple and easy to understand lesson on the GOLF GRIP. The golf grip is one of the key foundations to the golf swing. It is one of the most important things to learn as it is the only connection from your arms to the golf club. Without a proper golf grip, the arms and golf club cannot become one cohesive unit.

It is important to start with learning the foundational aspects of the golf swing as this will be the base you will build on while learning the golf swing.

The foundations of golf include the grip, stance, posture and ball positioning

The grip might be the most important as everything is developed from the grip. The grip will manipulate the swing plain but also the club head position.

So if we just grab a club in not particular way and move it around we can experience all the different directions the club and club head can go. What we want to do is hold it in such a way that is goes in the direction we want. Similar to how a nut perfectly connects two bolts to become one unit, the grip needs to connect the arms and the golf club.

Golf can seem like a complicated game, but we provide fast and simple lessons to get you started. Join Grip It Girl, learn how to play this beautiful game and help encourage the growth of girl’s golf.

*Do you want to learn how to play golf?*
Grip it Girl has partnered with a PGA Instructor to provide simple, effective and fun golf lessons to help get you started playing this wonderful game.

Grip It Girl feels that golf is the best way to learn about life, failure, determination, perseverance and success. It is the greatest game ever played and with the correct mindset and a few lessons, we hope you will also experience it’s greatness.

Grip It Girl started as an idea to encourage more girls and ladies to play golf and with these lessons she hopes to give everyone the chance to learn and play this game.

Grip It Girl is spreading the joy of golf and helping every golfer have access to learning the game. These simple and effective lessons will get you playing golfing in no time. Learn and spread the great game of golf! Join the Grip It Girl Movement.

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