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The Ultimate Guide to Ball Position in Golf (GOLF TIPS)

Ball position in golf is a very important fundamental to your golf game, yet many casual golfers don’t think too much about it, or are unsure of where to position the golf ball for each type of golf club.

Move the ball forward, move the ball back, where to position your body in relation to the ball…it can get overwhelming and confusing.

This Ultimate Guide to Golf Ball Position will help you understand what you are trying to accomplish with each club, how to set up for different types of clubs, and understand how to use ball position to your advantage!

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  1. There are so many varying opinions on this. Some always play of the front and others off the middle. Take a look at Jack Nicklaus ball position, all on the same front heel I've tried all this and much more and still can't work it out. If you are all as frustrated as I am and so disillusioned with golf then just give this shit game up. Everyone is just trying to sell themselves and not really caring for how we hit the ball.

  2. please everyone read this i am a new golfer that needs tips and every little bit helps by the way great video i have been noticing these things in the video spoken about me as a new golfer i always knew the position of the ball with an iron was different than with a driver but I always wondered how far back to position myself from the ball I've gotten a little better with my irons but I'm leaning my right shoulder down a bit in the beggining of my stance like if I was sort of in a stance to hit my driver is this normal in an iron swing i really need some help with this i have to admit though the slight change in my right shoulder leaning a bit when i hit my irons has made my game a bit better i am actually hitting the ball further and more consistent on hitting good shots and less chunks please reply with any tips and if anyone can answer my question if its normal to lean your right shoulder down a bit to hit irons would be great help thanks everyone for reading happy holidays stay safe.

  3. This guy is concentrating on the position in relation to the feet and is somewhat wrong. The ball position should be in relation to your lower and upper body. You can have the ball in the middle of your feet and then have your upper body too far back which will mean in reality the ball will be too far forward and also if you set up with your upper body forward and the ball in the middle of your stance the ball will be too far back in your stance. Make sure that both your lower and upper body are over the ball.

  4. A lot of instructors will address where the ball should be in your stats; however, you go the extra mile and detail a good rule of thumb of how far away you should be from the ball as well. Great job!

  5. On your guide, the video showed a single position each for wedges, irons, hybrids/FW woods, and driver. I know wedges are usually the same length, so that makes sense, but is there really no difference in position for all the irons, despite a 9 being so much shorter than say the 4?

  6. Can you place share other links why to hit golf ball with driver at inside of leading foot, on the upward part of swing? People have mentioned hitting on downward as gravity then helps and hitting upwards mean that shot goes higher in air and less further ! I am honestly confused now

  7. Makes a lot more sense to me than some who suggest the ball, except for the driver, always be in the same position……..about a ball or two towards the middle from the left heel. For me, this extreme forward ball position on all irons leads to so many bad fades on mid to long irons and then pulled short irons. Good info and keep it up.

  8. Nicklaus would place his ball in the same spot each time, just changed the width of his stance and so the position of his sternum relative to the ball.

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