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This BUDGET Golf Ball Is As GOOD As A PRO V1!?

This BUDGET Golf Ball Is As GOOD AS A PRO V1!? When we choose which golf balls to use we often look at the big hitters… Titleist Pro-V1, Taylormade TP5, Callaway Chromesoft… even Srixon golf balls… but what about cheap golf balls, in this series we like to discuss the idea of a budget golf ball being as good as a potential expensive golf ball. In this video we test the Mynt Wizard Pro golf balls, a golf ball which has the same technology as a Titleist Pro-V1 but generally works out to be a lot cheaper.. is this the end of premium expensive golf balls as we know it? let’s find out… and let’s do it now! check out part 2 over on @Chris Dennis Golf

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