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Which 14 GOLF CLUBS to use on the Golf Course and when? Beginner Golfer Basics

Which 14 GOLF CLUBS to use on the Golf Course and when? Beginner Golfer Basics. This question I get asked by all beginner golfers. They all want to know what beginners golf club set they need to buy fo their lessons. You must know that a max of 14 clubs go in your golf bag. It seems stressful when the topic of golf clubs gets brought up to a beginner golfer who wants to learn basic golf. Don´t worry as beginner golf clubs explained in this video based on the 2020 beginner golf clubs. Make sure to take a look how golf clubs in bag arrangement is done with my person bag. You can freeze the video to see the golf clubs in golf bag. Golf equipment basics are well underway in this quick youtube video talking about golf basics. Golf basics for beginners is something I really enjoy talking about as I have done many videos on when to use your golf clubs. Beginner golf which club to use and when is talked about don´t you worry at all in this golf video. Golf for beginners is great as that means more people are learning the game. Make sure to leave a comment if you have questions about the beginners golf set. Understanding 14 golf clubs in golf bag is what you will get out of Coach Shayain in this video.

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