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Which Callaway iron suits me?

TG Test Pro Neil Wain shows how all seven irons in the 2019 Callaway line up compare.

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  1. What a great summary of the whole range! The comparison figures and the recommended handicaps for each one are very useful thank you 👍😁

  2. I purchased the rogue x direct from Callaway but wasn't aware they required a higher bsll flight to maximize distance. I am more of a line drive flight. I am looking at the new big bertha21 irons but I am not sure the higher flight will offset distance lost. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  3. I'm have a low handicap (3 or 4) but iron play is the weakest part of my game. I have Rogue X irons now but was leaning towards Big Bertha. I have a medium swing speed and generally have a low ball flight. Thoughts??

  4. Kudos to you both. Love this intelligent approach for reviewing golf clubs. This is invaluable information and to think someone tuning in on YouTube can avail themselves to such specific knowledge is amazing.

  5. So the apex combo set would be good for someone around 8 or 9 handicap? Also the new elevate shaft promotes a higher flight due to lower lofts is that correct? So assuming that is correct someone who has no trouble launching the ball should b
    Maybe look to another shaft? I have a stiff shaft 105g and hit the ball high so I'm looking for a slightly heavier shaft just to knock a couple of yards off peak height any recommendations to try out?.

  6. I'm a 16 hcp, 65 years old, I play twice to three times a week in a narrow golf course. I have been playing with Callaway X22 irons since they were launched almost 10 years ago and Taylormade Burner fairway woods, driver and hybrids. I live in Brazil where I have not the least opportunity to test new clubs. I love my clubs but I believe that new clubs (new technics) would give me more distance and forgiveness. I've read numerous reviews but can't make up my mind. I would very much appreciate if you could give me some advise.Tks

  7. Good video overall. It does leave me with the question what is an average swing speed? Does swing speed equate to handicap? I believe I swing my 7 iron at about 70 mph . Is this average or slow in your opinion.

  8. Thank you for the very solid comparison. I have only 7 Rogue X iron which I bought one year ago and I didn't play it. Now I took it from garage and it seems to be easy to hit and soft. It has recoil shaft. Do you think a Rogue irons will be much difficult than Rogue X for 24 HCP player?

  9. Thank you for this analysis. I am a 6 handicap and enjoy playing the Rogue. What I would really like to know is the dispersion of each model. How much difference in the distance does each model have? Are some more consistent than others? Thanks!

  10. Club manufacturers tell us that their irons help us gain more distance… So we sell our set and buy another expensive set…..
    Rather take ur forged irons to a quality fitter and have them all bent 2 degrees stronger….. I did…. Now i hot my 7 iron longer than most guys and they think it's because of my shafts

  11. Love the format and the data/specs you guys show.. However, I am a average golfer and have been looking for a very forgiving iron with a large head – but very little of no offset. I don't like the offset .. I love Rogues or Big Bertha irons (bigger heads and forgiving, but too much offset.) It would be nice if the Rogues or Big Bertha would offer low offset version (in the 2.5mm to 2.8 mm range – 7 iron). I think this would be a huge seller – since it is impossible to find a max forgiving, large headed iron with low offset.

  12. Great job Guys! Just hit subscribe. I was stuck between the Rouge or Apex. Since I'm a 19 hc you made the decision for me. Thanks, Rouge it is!

  13. Love these reviews. Way to step up and make some guides for us. I actually saw a review from a Callaway rep and said the same handicap suggestions for apex pro and apex as you guys. Spot on . Cheers

  14. I absolutely love this series, as someone who is improving to a <12 handicap and looking to invest in a new set of irons soon, these videos are extremely helpful. Great quality video and data. Keep it up 👍🏼

  15. These types of review are the best on the internet, how you show all models of a certain brand, their specs, etc. I especially like the handicap "buckets" you put each club in. Like you say in the video, most manufacturers don't want to cover this, but it is very helpful to the average golf consumer, trying to narrow which style of club they need to test within each manufacturer. Great job guys!

  16. Great video.

    I have tried the Rogue, it performed really well for me, very easy to hit, very high ball flight but the top line is incredibly thick and I found very off putting. If you can overlook that flaw then it is a very good club for 10-24 HCP.

    I loved the Apex CF16s and the 19s are even better. The one think that would worry me would be whether Callaway have solved the flyer ball problem that caused me not to buy the CF16s. From what I can tell the 19s are better than the 16s on this, but it is still noticeable.

    I really want to try the Apex Pro. As a 10 HCP it might not be the club for me, but it sure looks good

  17. I have watched your videos for Taylor Made, Callaway and Mizuno (all very informative and good) and there seem to be more irons suitable to 12 and below handicappers. Why do you think that is the case when the average male golfer plays off 18-ish? Do we all buy the wrong clubs believing we are better than what we really are? Ambitious purchase? It seems wrong, considering how hard everyone is pushing for custom fitting.

  18. Guys. I'm torn between Apex and Rouge PRO, why didnt u test those? How do those 2 compare in terms of overall forgiveness, feel, sound and handicap?

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